U.S. Bank launches industry-leading video banking options for customers

June 02, 2021

New live video enhancements give customers support and guidance from their local branch banker, wherever they are.

No matter how sophisticated digital tools become, there are times when customers just need to talk to a human being.

Which is why we’re excited to announce new industry leading digital tools that make that easier than ever.

Cobrowse with video

U.S. Bank has launched an enhancement to our popular cobrowse feature: live video of the banker – a first in the industry. Cobrowse allows customers to share their screen with a banker so they can view and navigate online and mobile banking together, particularly helpful for those times when you need spur-of-the-moment guidance. 

And now, branch bankers can appear on one-way video while cobrowsing so customers can see who is helping them – enhancing the interaction and making it feel more personal. Customers have also told us being able to see who they are talking to on video is reassuring and gives a greater sense of security.

Our cobrowse feature is unique: Out of the top 15 banks in the United States, we are the only bank offering screensharing with our local branch bankers and the only one where customers can see their banker on video while screensharing. 

Cobrowse became extremely popular with customers during the pandemic, resulting in more than a half million sessions taking place in 2020. And it’s only accelerated since then – we nearly surpassed that in just the first three months of 2021 alone and are on pace for more than 2 million sessions this year. There’s no software or widget necessary – the customer simply verifies with a dynamic and secure code to grant access.

Virtual appointments

U.S. Bank has also just launched virtual appointments with our bankers. Using the same two-way video streaming technology that has become an everyday part of our lives over the past year, it allows bankers and customers to have the same face-to-face interaction they would in their local branch – from the comfort and convenience of wherever a customer wants. 

U.S. Bank has rolled out this capability across our branch network. No matter where customers are or how they want to connect, U.S. Bank is by their side. 

It’s an upgrade to our widely used appointment scheduling feature. With a few clicks or taps using our U.S. Bank Mobile App or website, customers can choose whether they want an in-person, phone or virtual appointment. Customers booked more than 1 million appointments in 2020 (in-person and phone) and we are on track to double that in 2021. 

Do-it-together options

These latest features are a giant step forward in enhancing our do-it-together tools that combine the power of digital and human experiences to meet customers’ needs in the way that works best for them.

In our pilots over the past few months, customers and bankers have used them to: 

  • Enroll in online banking
  • Download and set up the U.S. Bank Mobile App 
  • Set up direct deposit, bill pay, autopay and Zelle
  • Discuss options and opening new deposit, credit card, lending and business accounts 
  • Order new debit cards and reset pin numbers
  • Switch the Mobile App language setting to Spanish 

And so many more – all while being greeted by a friendly neighborhood face. 

“I am so proud we continue to innovate and serve our customers in new ways,” said Tim Welsh, U.S. Bank vice chair for consumer and business banking. “Customers continue to show that they value being able to talk to a human being about their banking needs, and what better way to do that than to use the amazing digital tools U.S. Bank is creating. They loved these tools during our pilots because they’re convenient, efficient and secure – without losing the personal one-on-one connection. We love the idea that our customers can still see the welcoming faces of their local bankers, without even needing to leave their home or business.”

What our branch bankers are saying

  • Brandon in Fremont, California, said that a customer told him that: “I typically have a hard time following along with things like this, but having the video and you directing me made it extremely helpful and moved the process along seamlessly and effortlessly. I have never encountered anything like this before. Thank you.” 

  • Ana in Phoenix said, “Due to COVID, I had an elderly client who did not leave his home because he’s high-risk. His grandson had helped him open an account online, but he needed help downloading and setting up the Mobile App. I told him I have this service called cobrowse that could help. He said he didn’t feel comfortable doing business over the phone. But then I said, ‘What if you could see what I look like, and that way you know who’s assisting you?’ His response was that it’d be great, and we proceeded to set up the app and other digital services he needed, as well as helping him find a copy of a voided check for his direct deposit for social security. It was easy, and the video made it personal, which is great for when a client wants to do business from the comfort of their own home.”

  • Jack in Lemont, Illinois, said, “I’m looking forward to virtual meetings, ironically for the human element. Our customers are increasingly working with us remotely, either by phone call or email. By allowing me to videoconference, I can easily turn these interactions into something more personal. I think it’s naturally easier to show someone you care or are engaged through body language and face-to-face.” 

  • Faith in Hastings, Minnesota, said, “I recently held a virtual appointment with a customer. They were unable to get to the branch due to not being able to leave their home. They were super excited that we were offering this option as an alternative to coming into the branch. We had no issues connecting and after roughly 5 minutes of chatting, we both almost forgot that we were not meeting in person in the branch, because the connection felt so real.”

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