U.S. Bank and Elavon partnership with Year Up Atlanta celebrates 10 years

August 10, 2022
Year Up intern Alyssa Gant gains real-world experience.

Since 2012, U.S. Bank and Elavon have hosted 144 interns and hired 51 of them to full-time employment.

For some, professional employment opportunities don’t come easily. Rising college tuition costs and other life challenges are difficult to navigate. 

Thankfully, help is out there. Year Up Greater Atlanta, part of the Year Up national organization, offers a 100% tuition-free job training program. Young adults can find career paths and develop skills regardless of their background, income or zip code. 

Elavon and U.S. Bank just reached a 10-year milestone with this community partner, and it’s truly a reason to celebrate. 

The big picture

The current U.S. job market has more unfilled job openings and fewer candidates. According to Year Up, employers face a growing need for talent while millions are left disconnected from the economic mainstream. These inequities highlight an opportunity divide – a divide the organization is determined and positioned to close.

U.S. Bank and Elavon’s partnership with Year Up Greater Atlanta began in August 2012. Since then, the company has hosted 144 interns and hired 51 of them to full time employment. After graduation, interns are offered roles like IT desktop support technician, quality assurance analyst, sales support representative, scrum master and project manager. Watch this video to learn more:

Building up the partnership 

Career-ology is a series of workshops sponsored by the bank’s Black Heritage BRG Atlanta Chapter. These sessions help interns navigate their internships and entry-level careers by providing tips and resources for effective communication, time management, conflict resolution and more. U.S. Bank is the only company to offer this to Year Up interns.

Also on deck: an Alumni Flight School to support alumni in their first year as U.S. Bank and Elavon contractors or full-time employees. Curriculum will include networking, financial literacy, career mapping, benefits and resources, professional development and more. This program will launch in January 2023. 

 “Many of the interns who come to U.S. Bank and Elavon are passionate, highly dedicated to their craft, eager to learn and high performers," said Jasmine Green, senior training program manager, employee onboarding, who also leads the Year Up program at the company in Atlanta. "Offering this opportunity to amazing young adults is an honor and we are grateful to Year Up for trusting us with their students. This program changes lives and opens doors for the next generation to succeed.” 


Byron Tolbert, IT desktop support technician from 2013-2020, who now runs his own business.

Year Up alumni Byron Tolbert  worked at the company as an IT desktop support technician from 2013-2020 before starting his own business.

“Year Up taught me to express myself and step outside of my comfort zone," Tolbert said. "My time at U.S. Bank and Elavon helped me become the best version of myself and the entrepreneur I am now.” 


Flor Cruz

“I gained valuable leadership, problem-solving and research skills through Year Up," said alumni Flor Cruz, who worked as a project analyst at U.S. Bank Payment Solutions.  "I also networked with many professionals whom I still contact for advice. Year Up staff members supported me when I experienced imposter syndrome by reassuring me that I belonged as my work ethic spoke for itself.”

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