Breaking down barriers to wealth

Our work to end the racial wealth gap starts with the Black community, because that’s where the wealth gap is greatest. We’ll continue to listen and learn as we strive to help Black individuals build generational wealth, lift up their communities and leave a lasting legacy. 


Wealth gap between white and Black families1


Black families who own a home, compared to 74% of white families2


Black respondents who feel there are institutional roadblocks to wealth accumulation3

Education and resources

Education is a key step on the path to lasting change. Get financial insights designed to help you build wealth and share it with those around you.

Building Black Wealth Insights Study

The U.S. Bank Building Black Wealth Insights Study found that Black Americans are deeply committed to helping their families and communities financially, and leaving a legacy.

How Black families can build generational wealth

Adopting an investment-oriented mindset and improving financial literacy are just two tools that can help Black families build generational wealth.

How to set financial goals

Setting and working toward financial goals becomes easier when you reflect on your intentions.

Key components of financial planning

A well-designed financial plan takes all aspects of your life into consideration and should evolve as you age and your life changes.

How to discuss money with your family

Engaging your young adult children in your family finances can not only help teach them money management, but also help protect and grow the legacy you’ve worked hard to build and preserve.

Estate planning as a family

An open dialogue with family members can help you successfully craft your estate plan.

Business tips and advice for Black entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship has been a key driver of Black wealth for generations. Here are tips and best practices for starting a business.

Retirement planning checklist

Review 18 important to-dos as you make your way toward retirement.

Explore more wealth insights.

From tips on starting a business to financial planning and estate planning strategies, get more of the information you need to work toward your goals. 

Access Wealth Management team

We recognize that some clients prefer working with a team of wealth professionals where the client's ethnic and cultural background is represented. Each Access Wealth Management team is led by a Wealth Management Advisor from U.S. Bancorp Investments or a U.S. Bank Private Wealth Advisor, who collaborate with other wealth specialists to deliver our services and client experience to you.

Wealth Management from U.S. Bank and U.S. Bancorp Investments 

Starting at $100,000 investments or $250,000 total balances

Wealth Management from U.S. Bank and U.S. Bancorp Investments offers you a single point of contact supported by a team of specialists. Together, we can help you create a personalized plan to address your short- and long-term needs and bring clarity to your financial life. Whether you are focused on a specific goal like planning for retirement or a broader one like growing your wealth, we can help you plan for what is important to you.

Financial advisors from U.S. Bancorp Investments will coordinate the right resources to meet your wealth management needs. 

U.S. Bank Private Wealth Management

Starting at $3 million net worth

Private Wealth Management understands the complexity, responsibility and opportunity that comes with greater wealth. We serve the needs of individuals, families and business owners by providing specialized services to help you work toward building and preserving your wealth to achieve what's most meaningful to you and your family. 

Our private wealth advisors from U.S. Bank support individuals and families with significant wealth and complex planning needs. Your advisor will work with our wealth specialists to create your custom financial plan.

Online investing from U.S. Bancorp Investments

Available to all investors

U.S. Bancorp Investments offers online investing, including automated investing and self-directed options, as well as live personal guidance and support over the phone. With options accessible to all investors, we can help you get started working toward your financial goals today.

“Wherever you are in your wealth journey, our wealth professionals are ready to help you work towards your goals.”

– Scott Ford, President, U.S. Bank Affluent Wealth Management


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  1. How to build Black wealth. Brookings. July 6, 2020.

  2. Quarterly residential vacancies and homeownership, second quarter 2022. U.S. Census Bureau. August 2, 2022.

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