What is a lease buyout loan?

You should start thinking about your plans for the end of your lease term three to six months in advance. One option is to buy out your lease. A lease buyout loan lets you purchase the vehicle for the amount noted in your lease agreement.

If you have a U.S. Bank auto lease, for example, your purchase option price is calculated as the residual value (the value of the vehicle at the end of the lease) plus a purchase option fee as noted in your lease agreement. The total payoff amount will also include applicable taxes, fees and any other outstanding amounts from your lease.

Benefits of buying your leased vehicle

A vehicle you love

You’ve spent the duration of your lease driving this exact vehicle, so you know it inside and out.

Avoid mileage charges

If you’ve accidentally gone over your allowable mileage per your lease agreement, you may avoid mileage and wear charges.

A simple transition

No need to coordinate inspections or dealership visits. In most cases, apply and finalize everything electronically.

Avoid excess wear and use

If you had a mishap that qualifies as excess wear and use, purchasing lets you avoid additional charges.

How do you apply for a lease buyout loan?

You don’t need to have a U.S. Bank auto lease to apply for a lease buyout loan with U.S. Bank.

If your lease is with U.S. Bank: Please call us at 800-USBANKS (800-872-2657) to get your application started.

If your lease is with another provider: Fill out and submit our easy online application to get started. If approved, you’ll need to sign for your loan at a nearby U.S. Bank branch.


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