Investing in an unpredictable market

Although it might seem overwhelming, there's nothing wrong with investing in a volatile market. There can actually be potential opportunities. The truth is, nobody knows what the market's going to do tomorrow, next week, next month or next year.

Leveraging a digital investing platform, or robo-advisor, like Automated Investor can help instill confidence and peace of mind.

How Automated Investor can help

Using a digital investing platform (sometimes referred to as robo-advisors), like Automated Investor, is generally less risky than investing on your own, especially if you're new to investing. Automated Investor diversifies your investments across various asset classes, based on your goals and risk tolerance. It then continually monitors your account and makes adjustments whenever needed to help keep you on track.

  • Automated Investor automatically rebalances your portfolio to help adjust for volatility.

  • As different asset classes go up and down, the portfolio will adjust to help ensure that you're not taking too much or too little risk.

  • As the markets change, your investments will automatically adjust to help ensure that you're invested appropriately for your timeline.

Investing strategies used by Automated Investor

With Automated Investor, you don't need to worry about trying to pick the right time to invest. You can add money to your account at any time to take advantage of dollar-cost averaging and the power of compounding growth. Also, you can trust that Automated Investor will continually monitor your account to take advantage of potential market opportunities. 

Automatic dollar-cost averaging

Dollar-cost averaging is a strategy where you systematically put money into an investment, such as every week, month or quarter. When you continue to add new money to your investments, you increase the chances of growing your account over time.

Compounding growth

Compound growth is when you earn money on the growth (or interest) you earned previously. Compounding makes your money grow faster because you have the opportunity to earn more from the money that's reinvested.

Buying the dip

Buying the dip means you're buying a stock or mutual fund after it has declined in value. As the price "dips" there may be an opportunity to purchase at a discount to potential increase returns when and if the stock rebounds. By investing across different types of investments, there is less associated risk compared with a single stock.

Advice for new investors

Don't be intimidated by the markets. Many people want to invest but they may be hesitant to take that first step, especially when they hear news regarding recessions and volatility. It may be even more daunting to get into investing during those times but there can also be the potential for opportunity with long-term investing.

With Automated Investor you don’t have to worry about what to buy and when to buy it. The program makes those decisions for you and helps keep your portfolio on track toward your goals.

Get the Automated Investor information you need

If you're interested in learning how Automated Investor can help you work toward your financial goals, visit our page on Automated Investor for more information.

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