Investment selection

Choosing investments

We value the trust you place in us to help guide your investment strategy, and we pursue our investment selection process in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

Our rigorous review process

We evaluate investment managers in equities, fixed income and real assets, who operate across investment types like mutual funds, ETFs, hedge funds and private capital pools.

We seek money management firms who emphasize ethics and doing the right thing—while pinpointing strategies that can capitalize on dislocations and market inefficiencies, or that perform a credible job of tracking an asset class.

Only 1% of all funds make it through our approval process. We incorporate past economic and capital market history, current trends, impact investing opportunities and potential future considerations.

Our due diligence process

Following are the steps we follow to evaluate which funds get selected:

  • Strategic purpose
  • Initial assessment
  • Quality evaluation
  • Quality verification
  • ONLY 1% of all funds make it through our approval process

Investment Analysis in action


Actively vs. passively managed investment funds

One of the biggest debates in investment management is around this question:

“Which performs better—actively or passively managed investment funds?”

  • Actively managed funds. Managers of actively managed investment funds make investment decisions with the goal of beating a relevant asset class benchmark.
  • Passively managed funds. Managers of passively managed funds seek to track an asset class benchmark.

Blending strategies wisely Diagram shows a range of investment strategies from more “Passive”, Lower-cost market strategies to more “Active”, higher-cost, selective strategies

The winner is...

After conducting an extensive proprietary study, we found the answer is, it depends. In most cases, the passively managed investment funds outpaced the returns on actively managed ones.

Our analysis regarding how this might impact investors in the future helps shape our recommendations on how clients can most effectively include active and passive strategies into their portfolios.



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