Investment portfolios

Building your portfolio

We're dedicated to helping you work toward building your wealth by providing custom portfolios based on your unique goals, risk tolerance and desired outcomes.

Our customized approach

Three diagrams showing three sample portfolios.

Risk: Conservative

Asset class key:

Equities 17%
Bonds 83%
Real assets 0%

The first sample portfolio is Conservative income: Your time horizon is 5 years or less and you expect lower risk, moderate income and low growth.

Risk: Balanced

Asset class key:

Equities 56%
Bonds 41%
Real assets 3%

The second sample portfolio is Balanced: Your time horizon is 10 to 15 years and you expect moderate risk, low to moderate income and moderate growth.

Risk: Diversified

Asset class key:

Equities 94%
Bonds 2%
Real assets 4%

The third sample portfolio is Diversified equity: Your time horizon is 20 years or more and you expect higher risk, minimal to low income and high growth.

Every portfolio is unique and customized to your needs. Asset allocations shown are for illustration only and are not indicative of any particular investment or portfolio.

When building your investment portfolio, we offer you personalized options featuring asset allocations that span the risk-reward spectrum – ranging from the very conservative to aggressive.

We take a risk and timeline-based approach to portfolio construction. Your portfolio will be customized to reflect your risk tolerance, investment goals, tax situation and time horizon.

If you're time horizon is further out, and you're interested in more aggressive growth, your portfolio may include more equities for greater growth potential over time. On the other hand, if you've recently retired and your goal is less about growth and more about income sustainability, your portfolio may include a larger allocation of bonds.

Investments complement each other, with the goal of delivering consistent performance across varying market environments and through changing times.

We can help you seize the opportunities that are available in today’s complex global markets with more creative ways to put your money to work for you as you pursue the goals that matter most to you.



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