How do I use your automated phone system to stop payment on a check?

We've recently enhanced our automated phone system. Now you can stop payment on a check without the need to talk to a banker.

  1. Call 800-USBANKS (872-2657) and follow the prompts to verify your identity.
  2. After you've been verified, select the account the check is drawn from.
  3. Then say something like "I need to stop payment on a check".
  4. Tell the automated system what type of payment you'd like to stop (see options below).
    Note: The automated phone system only supports the "Single check" option. All other options will direct you to a banker for assistance.
    • Single check
    • Series of checks
    • Recurring payments
    • Bill Payments
  1. Say or enter the check number.
    • If it's pending or posted, this means it's cleared and isn't eligible for a stop payment.
    • If it isn't pending or posted, you'll be given a disclosure about the terms of the stop payment request.
      • You may be charged a stop payment fee. See also: How much does a stop payment on a paper check cost?
      • Stop payment requests are effective for 24 months on that check number.
      • If the check is in process or already paid, we won't be able to stop the payment and no fee will be charged.
  1. After the disclosure is read, say "Yes" or "No".
    • If you indicate "Yes", we'll verify and advise if the check number already has a stop payment applied within the last 24 months. If there isn't one, the stop payment process will begin.
    • If you indicate "No", the request is cancelled, and no fee will be charged.

Please remember, a stop payment doesn't change existing agreements you may have with a payee. The payee may still have the right to collect on the payment.