How long do I have to start a fraud or dispute claim?

To help safeguard your account and enable us to support disputed transactions on your behalf, it's important to identify inaccurate or unauthorized transactions as soon as possible.

Debit card claims
For both fraud and dispute claims, you have 60 days from the date the statement was transmitted that the transaction in question appears on to contact us. If it's been longer than that, we will be able to open a claim; however, provisional credit may not be given, and you may be held liable for certain unauthorized transactions. Please see Your Deposit Account Agreement and the Digital Services Agreement.

Credit card claims
When it comes to fraudulent transactions, regardless of when you contact us, we'll always investigate the case. If there are unauthorized transactions found, you won't be held liable.

To file a dispute claim, you have 60 days from the date we send the statement that the transaction in question appears on to contact us. If you contact us after that time, we'll still attempt to assist; however, you may not receive all the protections you'd be entitled to had the claim been started earlier.

Additional information

There are a few options available to review your activity. Set up alerts, view your transactions, or simply review your statement each month. All of this can be done through digital banking at or on the U.S. Bank Mobile App.