What is the Cash Flow Tool?

You can easily access the Cash Flow Tool if you are a current business customer. You'll find it in your business account dashboard. There are 2 important tabs you'll see in the Cash Flow Tool.

Overview tab

  • You can toggle between an Overview tab that shows money moving in and out of your accounts.
  • The Overview helps you pinpoint surpluses or deficits in your business cash flow. 

Forecast tab

  • The Forecast tab provides a glimpse of your forecasted balance/s. This can help you plan for potential increase or declines in your balance. 
  • The Forecast makes intelligent projections on future state of cash flow, giving information you need to run and grow your business.


More information

  • There must be at least 62 days of activity on your account to power the Forecast. The filter can be used to look ahead 30, 60, and 90-days. ​ 
  • You are encouraged to connect QuickBooks Online or FreshBooks, allowing financial data to be aggregated in the Cash Flow Forecast.