How do I change or delete my financial goals?

Like anything else, working toward your goals is always better with a plan. Since plans can change at any time, we make it easy to change or delete your goals. Here's how:

How to change or delete your goals using digital banking

  1. Online banking: Select Plan & track at the top of the page, then choose My goals.
    U.S. Bank Mobile App: From the dashboard, scroll down to the "Goals" section, then choose Manage goals.
  2. Locate the goal you'd like to update and select the chevron (>) to the right.
  3. Select Edit goal details found under the goal name.
    • To change an individual goal:
      1. Make changes to the goal type, nickname, the amount, and/or goal date.
      2. Select Update when finished.
    • To change combined goals*:
      1. Choose Move money between my goals. 
      2. Select the one you want to reduce, then choose the one you want to increase.
      3. Enter the amount to move, then select Transfer. 
    • To remove a goal completely, select Delete goal.

*Combined goals consist of multiple goals that's assigned to one account. Moving amounts between your goals will not move actual funds. It only changes how much you want to plan for each one.
Example: A family plans to save money for a vacation and a down payment on a vehicle.

  • They decide to save $5,000 for both goals.
  • The vacation is allotted $3,000 and the down payment is allotted $2,000.
  • Time passes and the down payment increases by $1,000. There's no way to save more money, and there's no more time to save for it.
  • The family decides to compromise on their vacation goal. They choose to move $1,000 from the vacation goal to the down payment goal.

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