How does an ExtendPay Plan affect my rewards or transactions?

Will I still receive rewards for purchases I put into an ExtendPay Plan?
Yes. Your eligible purchases will still earn any rewards your credit card would otherwise offer.

Can I still have a grace period if I have an ExtendPay Plan?
Yes. If you pay your previous statement balance, or Plan Adjusted Balance, in full by your payment due date each month, you have a 24- to 30-day interest-free period for new purchases. See your Cardmember Agreement for more information.

What happens if I return a purchase currently being repaid with an ExtendPay Plan?
If a purchase you’ve selected for an ExtendPay Plan is refunded by the merchant, the returned amount will be credited to your current credit card account balance. Since the refund won’t specifically be applied to the ExtendPay Plan, your ExtendPay balance and monthly minimum payment will not change unless your current balance is paid in full, including any activity on your credit card account since the previous statement.

How do I dispute a purchase that’s being repaid with an ExtendPay Plan?
You can dispute purchases that are in an ExtendPay Plan the same way you dispute other credit card transactions. When you dispute or claim fraud on a purchase that’s in an ExtendPay Plan, your ExtendPay Plan will be reduced by the disputed amount, and all fees paid to date for the disputed transaction will be credited to your ExtendPay Plan. Any prior payments made to your ExtendPay Plan for the disputed transaction will be credited to your revolving balance. Your next statement will reflect your adjusted fixed payment amount. 

If the disputed transaction rebills for any reason, it will be set up in a new ExtendPay Plan with the original term length and billed the same monthly fee for the transaction. 

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