How can I set up or add a financial goal and fund it?

Our goal setting tool can help you set money aside for a special occasion, a large purchase, or anything else you can save for. It's easy to get started and you can have up to 10 goals per savings account.

How to set a goal using digital banking

  1. Online banking: Select Plan & track at the top of the page, then choose My goals.
    U.S. Bank Mobile App: Scroll down to the “Goals” section and select Set a goal.
  2. Choose Add a goal. Select one from the list or customize it by choosing Other. Then, select Continue.
  3. Enter your goal's name, the total amount to save, and what date you want to achieve your goal. Select Continue.
  4. Choose Connect my goal to an account, then select Start saving toward my goal.
  5. Choose the savings account you want linked to your goal, then select Continue.
  6. Select Create my initial funding plan. We’ll suggest how much to contribute each month.
  7. Choose how you’d like to transfer funds, then select Confirm.
    • Recurring transfer: Choose the account to transfer funds from, enter the amount, choose the frequency, and the start date.
    • Direct deposit transfer: Enter the amount you’d like taken from your direct deposits.
    • Automatic transfer: We’ll automatically transfer funds up to three times each week. Transfers are less than $50 at a time, and we won't make a transfer if your balance might become low.

To freely explore our digital banking services without using your own account, visit our Digital Banking Simulators page. If you'd like a step-by-step tutorial on how to use a specific service or feature, check out our Digital Explorer page.