How do I get the maintenance fee on my checking account waived?

Avoiding a monthly maintenance fee on your checking account depends on what type of account you have and if certain qualifications are met. Take a look at your statement to identify your account type. 
Note: There's no option to waive the monthly maintenance fee on a Safe Debit Account. 

U.S. bank SmartlyTM Checking

Monthly maintenance fee: $6.95. There are multiple ways to waive the monthly maintenance fee. Only one qualification needs to be met.

  • Have combined monthly direct deposits totaling $1,000 or more.
  • Keep an average account balance of $1,500 or greater*.
  • Presence of an eligible credit card**.

For information on other fees and benefits, visit our Checking Accounts page. 

Safe Debit checking

Safe Debit Accounts have a $4.95 monthly maintenance fee that cannot be waived. For information on benefits, visit our Safe Debit Accounts page. 

Additional information

*The average account balance is calculated by adding the balance at the end of each calendar day in the statement period and dividing that sum by the total number of calendar days within the statement period.

**Qualifying accounts include U.S. Bank activated credit cards. Credit products are subject to eligibility requirements and normal credit approval; and may be subject to additional charges such as annual fees.