How do I set up a recurring internal transfer?

We make it easy to transfer money between your accounts. Here's how: 

Online banking 

  1. Select Transfers from the top menu bar then choose Transfer money.
  2. The Transfer Money page will default to Internal Transfers. Use the drop-downs to choose which account you'd like to transfer the money from and to. 
  3. Input the desired amount and use the Frequency drop-down to choose how often you want the transfer to occur.
  4. Use the date picker to select the start date of your transfer then select Next
  5. Review your transfer details and if everything is correct, select Submit

U.S. Bank Mobile App 

  1. Select Pay bills & transfer at the bottom of the account dashboard, then Transfer money.
  2. Choose the accounts you want to transfer from and to.
  3. Enter the amount, then use the Repeat this Transfer toggle switch to activate the recurring transfer.
  4. Choose the desired frequency and stop repeating date.
  5. Select Transfer $xxx. Review the details of your transfer, select Transfer $xxx to confirm.
  6. A confirmation screen will display with the details of your transfer. Select Done to return to the account dashboard.

Additional information

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