How do I edit or delete my bill pay alerts?

Easily edit or delete your existing bill pay alerts by following these steps:

Online banking

  1. Select Customer service then select My alerts from the menu.  
  2. Select the Bill Pay
  3. The bill pay alerts page will open and you can update the following fields: 
    • Typical due date
    • Bill frequency
    • Typical amount due
    • Remind me (select from the options listed)
  4. Once your options have been selected, select Save at the bottom of the screen. 

U.S. Bank Mobile App

  1. From the main menu located in the upper left corner, select Notifications, then Bill pay.
  2. Select the biller to make changes to, then Manage Alerts.
  3. To edit, make the desired changes to the following fields:
    • Due date 
    • Bill frequency
    • Amount due
    • Remind me (select from the options listed)
    • Email me when (select from the options listed)
  4. To delete, un-check the appropriate box under Email me when.
  5. Once your changes are made, select Save.