How do I cancel autopay on my credit card, loan, lease, or line of credit?

We are in the process of enhancing our online banking bill pay. Your experience may be different from this article. To view the new process, check our Digital Explorer page.

You can cancel a single autopay payment by logging into online banking and following these steps.

Online banking steps:

  1. Go to Bill Payments and select Pay Bills & U.S. Bank Accounts.
  2. Select the Show details on the account you'd like to view. 
  3. Select autopay on the details widget to edit. 
  4.  From Edit autopay select Remove autopay, then select Yes, remove autopay to confirm. 

U.S. Bank Mobile App steps:

For the best mobile banking experience, we recommend logging in or downloading the U.S. Bank Mobile App.

  1. Tap Pay bills & transfer at the bottom of the account dashboard, then Pay A Bill.
  2. Choose the desired account, the select Autopay under the Payment Settings section.
  3. Select Remove autopay then Yes, remove autopay to cancel all automatic payments.