How do I sign up for consumer overdraft protection and manage it?

Consumer overdraft protection refers to transferring funds when transactions may cause the deposit account to have a negative balance. Before signing up, please be aware:

  • Overdraft protection requires the same owners to be on the checking account and the funding account(s).
  • You can link up to three eligible1 funding accounts and choose which one transfers funds first, second, and third. If you don’t choose the order, funds are taken using the order in which the accounts were added.
  • Consider using checking or savings account as primary funding to avoid overdraft protection transfer fees.
  • Credit cards used for overdraft protection may be subject to additional charges. This includes interest charges that will accrue on the amounts advanced.

To sign up or manage your consumer overdraft protection using digital banking

Online banking: Select your checking account and choose Account services
U.S. Bank Mobile App: Select your checking account and choose Manage at the top of the screen.

  1. Select Overdraft resources, then choose Overdraft protection.
  2. Use the drop-down menu to select the account you want covered.
  3. Use the next drop-down menu to select the account funds will come from.
  4. Choose the checking account you'd like to have covered.
  5. Select Edit to choose the overdraft protection account(s), then select Save.

More information

  • A reserve line account must be closed to remove its link as an overdraft protection account.
  • If you have a credit account linked for overdraft protection, recent transactions may not be reflected in the available overdraft protection amount.
  • A credit card that is expired or hasn’t been activated is not valid for overdraft protection.
  • You can choose to have overdraft coverage and overdraft protection for the same account. Overdraft protection will be tried first. If there’s not enough funds available in the overdraft protection account, then standard overdraft coverage applies. See also: What's the difference between overdraft protection and overdraft coverage?
  • Refer to Your Deposit Account Agreement, section titled “Overdraft Protection Plans,” for more information.

1Eligible accounts that can function as overdraft protection are listed below.

  • Savings and money market accounts.
  • Secondary personal checking accounts.
  • Personal credit cards.
  • Reserve, personal, or home equity lines of credit.