Nonprofit donation and payment processing

Make the most of your funds.

Manage donations effectively and improve cash flow for operational expenses with scalable treasury management, payments and banking solutions designed specifically to help you reach your financial goals.

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A partner you can trust.

The ever-evolving world of treasury operations and financial management requires a partner your institution can count on. With experts in the not-for-profit sector, we can work with you achieve your strategic initiatives, whatever they may Include:

  • Offer donors a variety of ways to contribute.
  • Keep pace with payments technology.
  • Proactively manage payables and receivables programs.
  • Find new financing.

Partner with us to accelerate cash flow, capture more payments and automate workflows to drive more efficient and effective operations.

Manage the cash in your not-for-profit business accounts.

Flow funds into one master account to save time and money.

  • Combine balances, activity and analysis into one electronic reporting file.
  • Automatically concentrate funds into one account, making your cash available for use as quickly as possible.
  • Reduce the need for multiple bank accounts and banking relationships.

Deposits and liquidity

Accept donations and payments anywhere you need to be.

Achieve your donation goals and streamline your fundraising efforts with a full range of payment options:

  • Accept payments in any environment with fully integrated omni-commerce payment solutions.
  • Implement surcharging to offset the cost of credit card acceptance with Credit Card Cost Control (C4).

Accept payments

Proactively manage payables, travel and fleet expenses.

Discover secure card services that offer expert insight and analysis of your program:

  • Customized payment strategies
  • Financial process efficiencies
  • Structural cost savings

Corporate card solutions

Manage disbursements with ease.

Prepaid cards have multiple uses across your organization, getting payments and funds to the people who need them.

  • Reduce cash or check disbursements.
  • Disburse payroll.
  • Handle travel and per diem expenses.
  • Reward employees.

Prepaid card solutions

A world’s most ethical company

Our commitment to doing the right thing for our customers has earned us the designation of one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies® from the Ethisphere Institute for six years in a row.

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