Payment products to make your program more efficient and effective.

We've been providing federal government agencies with innovative payment solutions for more than 30 years. We value our longstanding relationship with the GSA SmartPay® program and are dedicated to identifying opportunities to help address agency payment challenges.

In addition to proprietary solutions, we offer both Mastercard® and Visa® branded solutions. Contact your agency/organization program coordinator (A/OPC) or U.S. Bank relationship manager to learn more.

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Utilize state-of-the-art technology to manage your card program.

Improve administration of your card program with our easy-to-use online reporting and program management system, U.S. Bank Access® Online, built collaboratively with multiple federal government agencies.

  • Provide users with convenient, 24/7 account access as well as the ability to manage transactions on-the-go with the Access Online Mobile App.
  • Capture and report up-to-the-minute program data.
  • Drive adherence to agency policies through transaction and administrative controls.
  • Support regulatory requirements through complete audit trails and transaction history.
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Gain unprecedented visibility into fleet operations.

Designed specifically for the Voyager® Fleet Program, the Voyager portal delivers broad visibility into your fleet operations.

  • View and pay statements, perform account setup and maintenance, and set up or replace cards online, 24/7.
  • Establish tailored driver and vehicle spend controls and receive real-time alerts on any attempted exceptions to prevent fraud and misuse.
  • Manage your fleet program from your mobile device with Voyager on the Go and help your drivers pinpoint fueling locations and current prices with the Voyager Mobile App.

Resources for existing clients

Federal government forms & training

Find the forms you need for your agency or organization and seamlessly access training from your program's electronic access system.

Electronic access systems (EAS)

Securely and conveniently manage your program with our electronic access systems.

Access the support you need.

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Notice: Foreign-denominated transactions are subject to foreign currency exchange risk. Customers are not protected against foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations by FDIC insurance, or any other insurance or guaranty program.

The foregoing products are available solely for business transactions and not for personal, family or household transactions.