Videos: U.S. Bank attracting top fintech entrepreneurs with a digital approach

October 20, 2022

U.S. Bank has been integrating fintech mindset, talent and technology into its banking and payments capabilities for many years. Today, with help from fintech partnerships and acquisitions, U.S. Bank is combining banking, payments and software into a suite of holistic solutions that are delighting customers and driving loyalty.

U.S. Bank has made several strategic fintech acquisitions in the past few years, including acquiring talech, a point-of-sale system software company, in 2019, Bento Technologies shortly after that, Opayo and – most recently – TravelBank, an all-in-one expense management and business travel platform. These acquisitions are transforming the customer experience across the entire U.S. Bank footprint – especially among those small businesses and mid-size companies that rely on digital payment and processing systems to serve their own employees and customers.

In early September, Elavon, a wholly-owned subsidiary of U.S. Bank and one of the largest payments processors globally, launched talech Register for North American small business owners. The creation of this new, next generation, all-in-one payments and business analytics platform was led by Irv Henderson, chief digital officer of U.S. Bank Small Business and the founder of talech.

TravelBank, led by Duke Chung, co-founder and CEO, is a San Francisco-based fintech company that provides an all-in-one expense, travel management and virtual payment solution for businesses and their employees. Today, Chung and his team are busy helping U.S. Bank build the most comprehensive expense, travel and payment management software solution in the industry.

As thought leaders and fintech pioneers, Henderson and Chung each have unique perspectives on the emerging confluence of fintechs and banks. Watch these videos to learn their views on what it takes to accelerate the integration of digital payments within the small business and commercial markets, how Silicon Valley is shaping the future of banking and payments and why banks that incorporate the best of fintech qualities and capabilities are more likely succeed.

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