#usbankroadtrip showcases the human side of banking at our branches

October 26, 2022

Videos from across the country will be released over the next five months on U.S. Bank social media channels. 

Digital tools have made banking more convenient for millions of customers. But that human element – the banker who greets you warmly, explains your options, remembers you the next time – is just as important.

Our 2,200 branches are full of stories about the human side of banking. Beginning this summer, we set out to uncover those stories and tell them in a video series we call #usbankroadtrip.

The videos introduce employees like Gemma Perez Valdez, a young Denver-based banker known for her skill in explaining new technology to customers. She takes inspiration from her immigrant parents – always keeping in mind how she would want them to be treated.  

Cheri Kay Getz is another featured personality. She started with U.S. Bank back in the ‘80s as one of our first female maintenance workers. Now a banker on East Lake Street in Minneapolis, she is also the unofficial guardian of company memorabilia. One of her favorite finds – rescued from an old building during her maintenance days – is the sign we hung during the Great Depression to announce a bank holiday ordered by Franklin Delano Roosevelt.   

“My eyes lit up,” Getz says of the moment she discovered the sign. She loves not only the artifacts but also what they symbolize about the bank’s longevity and commitment to customers, she says. 

Other road trip subjects include a proud military mom who created a way to honor veterans in the lobby of her Illinois branch, a Phoenix banker whose work is informed by his experience with homelessness, and a bilingual team that greets customers in their native languages at our Chinese flagship branch near Los Angeles.

“Getting out and spending time in our branches is one of my favorite parts of the job,” says Tim Welsh, vice chair of Community and Business Banking at U.S. Bank. "Each one is unique, and not just in a community but part of a community, which is something we take great pride in. It’s a special place where our bankers show up day in and day out to serve their communities, friends and neighbors, by powering their potential.”

The videos are being released over the next five months on our social media channels, including, and

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