New survey results underscore the popularity of cobrowse 

February 01, 2022

Customers report 97% satisfaction when using our industry-leading cobrowse feature.

Michelle Moran wanted to help.

A U.S. Bank customer – we’ll call him John – called Michelle with a problem. The man was a truck driver based in Nevada and needed to reset his debit card pin and password, but in the process had locked himself out of the bank’s mobile app on his phone, so he couldn’t.

Michelle, a client relationship consultant at the Sparks, Nevada branch, suggested they use U.S. Bank’s new cobrowse with video feature to remedy the situation.

John didn’t even need to log in. He opened the app on his phone, read Michelle a secure four-digit code, and soon he was seeing Michelle’s smiling face – which made it feel more personal and reassured him because he knew he was working with someone local. Using cobrowse, which allows customers to share their screen and get guided help with their banker, Michelle was able to show John which buttons to tap step-by-step, and in a matter of minutes he’d set everything right again.

“It was convenient for him to not need to come into the branch,” Michelle said, “but at the same time it brought him a lot of comfort that I was local, and we were able to work through it together.”

Survey Says: Satisfied Customers

John’s experience is not unique. Many U.S. Bank customers have been enjoying the convenience and comfort of cobrowse with their local bankers. But now, new data is quantifying just how popular and successful it has been.

Customer satisfaction survey results show that when cobrowse is part of an interaction, customers report an even better experience across key branch metrics. In fact, there is more than a 10-point increase in branch satisfaction scores when customers use cobrowse – and it’s even higher when cobrowse with video is used. The data also shows customers report 97% satisfaction with employees – a 7-point increase – when cobrowse is used. That’s a remarkably high score, a testament to our people, and a marker of the effectiveness of our human + digital approach to provide the best experiences in banking.

“It is wonderful to see customers so satisfied when we use an industry-leading experience like cobrowse with video,” said Tim Welsh, vice chair, Consumer and Business Banking. “The notable jumps in satisfaction demonstrate just how much human potential we can power when we combine the right digital tools with the amazing service our colleagues provide to our clients.”

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Here’s a sampling of what some of our customers said about cobrowse:

  • “Very innovative, very user friendly.”
  • “Cobrowse made me feel secure and safe about making a transaction on the phone. Thank you very much.”
  • “Cobrowse dramatically reduced the time for completing my lengthy and complicated banking transactions.”
  • “I felt like I mattered. I was helped to understand where my account was and it helped me with future decisions.”
  • “Simple and gives peace of mind that U.S. Bank cares unconditionally.”

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