Mother and daughter duo reflect on balancing career and family 

May 05, 2022
Abbie Pariana (right), and Pam Pariana (left), at a U.S. Bank branch in Woodbury, Minnesota.

In honor of Mother's Day, employees share advice for life, celebrate working at U.S. Bank. 

Pam Pariana raised her two daughters, born just 15 months apart, while working full-time as an executive assistant. Life was busy but working outside the home was a must. “I may have worked eight hours a day but when I arrived back home my family was my priority,” said Pam. 

One of her daughters, Abbie Pariana, remembers going to work with her Mom and Dad every year for “Bring Your Daughter to Work Day” and loved it. “I always wanted to be like my Mom and looked up to her. I liked going into her office and playing on her computer,” said Abbie, who has been with the company for 14 years and now works in information security as a U.S. Bank anti-phishing program manager.  “Computers are a huge part of my work now,” she laughed. 

After Pam lost her job several years ago working in the educational industry, Abbie is the one who convinced her to apply at U.S. Bank in Minneapolis. “I told her she had to send in her resume. She was hired pretty quickly and first worked as an executive assistant in underwriting.” 

Abbie is proud of her Mom who has continued to grow with the company the last 12 years and now serves as a corporate security vendor relationship manager. “The biggest thing I’ve learned from my Mom is that hard work always pays off and that you should never give up,” she said as Pam listened in on a virtual call and wiped tears from her eyes. 

The feeling is mutual for Pam, though. “It has been fun and humbling to watch Abbie grow with the company and it makes me proud,” she said.

Abbie now has two children of her own, a 10-year-old son and a 6-year-old daughter who is already following in her footsteps. “She loves to sit at my desk. Recently, she took a cell phone and was typing a pretend text. She told me she was talking to her boss and that she had to get her metrics in by the end of the day,” she laughed. “For Christmas, she asked for a laptop because she said she wants to be like me.” 

Abbie's daughter Evelynn, 6, loves to sit at a computer and pretend to work like her mom.

When asked how they both juggle a career and family, Pam instantly knew what she always tried to instill in her daughters. 

“Be kind to others, be honest, be prompt and be present,” said Pam. “When you’re home, focus on your family, and parent your kids but also be their friend.”

Abbie considers her Mom her best friend and has taken her advice to heart all these years. A magnet is displayed in her workspace that Pam gave her on one of her first days at U.S. Bank. It reads, “Daughter, you can take an ordinary day and make it shine!”

Abbie tries to do that and said she’s thankful to work at a company that supports working Moms. “I am very grateful that U.S. Bank is a flexible company that believes in me and also supports me being there for my family.” 

For Mother’s Day this year, Pam and Abbie plan to celebrate by combining the holiday with Easter plans that were put on hold. “We’ll be having our traditional ham dinner, Easter egg hunt and just spending quality time with three generations of mothers,” she said.

“My Mom is my biggest supporter. I love getting to work with her at U.S. Bank.”

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