How do I order convenience checks linked to my credit card account?

You can order convenience checks anytime using digital banking. They come in books of 10 for most types of accounts. Checks for personal lines, credit lines, lines of credit, and investment equity lines come in books of 25 checks.

To order convenience checks using digital banking

  1. Select the credit card account you want to use checks for.
  2. Online banking: Choose Account services, then select Convenience checks.
    U.S. Bank Mobile App: Choose Manage card, then select Request convenience checks.
  3. Review your mailing address.
  4. When ready, select Request checks.

Your order will arrive within 10 business days.

More information

  • Promotional convenience checks can't be reordered. 
  • Writing a standard convenience check is considered a cash equivalent transaction. There is a check fee based on the amount it’s written for. When the check posts to the credit card account and the fee is charged, they become part of the cash balance. This balance is subject to the cash APR and will accrue interest daily until the cash balance is paid in full.
  • Convenience check orders cannot be cancelled. If you place an order and later decide you no longer want convenience checks, you can destroy them when they arrive. You can also change your card number by reporting it as lost. This will void the checks.
  • Visa benefits only cover purchases made on the Visa credit card, not purchases made via convenience checks.
  • Secured credit cards are not eligible to order convenience checks.