What is Easy Save and how do I set it up?

Easy Save is a program that automatically transfers a set amount of money from your checking to your savings each time a purchase is made with your debit or credit card. You can transfer as little as 25 cents or as much as $5 with each purchase. It's a great way to work towards a financial goal by saving money a little at a time.

To set up Easy Save using online banking

  1. From your dashboard select Transfer & pay and choose internal transfers.
  2. Select Easy Save (found below "Transfer options" on the right side of the screen). 
  3. Select Add Easy Save transfer.
  4. Complete the Easy Save form.
    1. Choose the debit or credit card you'll be using.
    2. Enter the amount to transfer with each purchase.
    3. Choose the account the funds will come from.
    4. Then choose the account you want them deposited into.
  5. Review the information. When ready, select Save.

You can set up an Easy Save transfer for each of your debit and credit cards. To make changes to an existing transfer, see: How do I edit or cancel my Easy Save transfer?

Easy Save is only available on our full desktop site.