How can I dispute the purchase I made using an Avvance loan?

We're sorry to hear you need to dispute your recent purchase. This can be frustrating, so let's go over the next steps. 

If you haven't already, you'll need to contact the merchant associated with the loan. Merchants can usually help resolve your issue with the purchase. If you've already contacted the merchant and haven't received support, we can help you open a dispute. Keep in mind, disputes can only be opened within the first 120 days of the original purchase. 

To make a dispute, call us at 800-212-2364. 

Dispute process: 

  • Once a dispute is made, you and the merchant will be asked to provide supporting evidence for the claim and an investigation will be opened.
  • We'll let you know if provisional credit will be applied to your account and when you can expect it.
  • Based on the amount you're disputing and the balance of your loan, while the investigation is underway, we'll let you know if you need to continue to make the loan payments on your account. Not making payments when required could result in delinquent notices and impact your credit score.
  • After the investigation, we will notify you of the resolution. This may take up to 90 calendar days.
  • If the resolution is found to be in your favor, any provisional credit applied to your account will remain.
  • If the resolution is found to be in the merchant's favor, any provisional credit applied to your account will be reversed and your loan agreement and payment schedule will continue.
  • You will be mailed updates throughout the process to keep you updated on any additional information needed or any new developments to your dispute.

For your security, letters are sent in unmarked white envelopes. 

We will work as quickly and efficiently as possible throughout the process.