What is an Overdraft paid fee?

An Overdraft Paid Fee is a $36 charge by U.S. Bank that occurs when more money is spent than you have available in your deposit account and the dollar amount shortage is covered by the bank so the transaction can be completed. The fee is only charged when the overdraft item paid on your behalf is $5.01 or more and your negative available balance is $50.01 or more.

Overdraft Paid Fee are limited to three each day. These will continue to accumulate each day the account stays at a negative balance of $50.01 or more.

The fee won't be charged if the overdraft item we paid on your behalf is $5.00 or less or the available balance is negative by $50 or less (excluding the Overdraft Paid Fee), by 11 p.m. ET on the day the fee is charged.

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