Why does my credit card have to be closed due to fraud and a new one issued?

U.S. Bank is committed to safeguarding your account, while enabling the convenience and peace of mind to make purchases freely. 

When fraud occurs, protecting you and your information is our number one priority. Closing the card is an important step in stopping any additional unauthorized activity or connection with the fraud event.  If the original card number were to remain active, then the possibility of additional fraud increases.

To limit any disruption in accessing your credit line while waiting for your new card to arrive, a virtual copy of your card may be available on digital banking. See: How do I find my credit card number (virtual card)?

We understand experiencing fraud can be stressful, but rest assured, we’re committed to protecting your account and helping you throughout the process.  

More information

Once you have your new card number, you’ll want to update your merchants and billers that are setup with recurring payments. To see who you might have recurring payments with, follow the steps in this article: How do I find out which merchants or billers have recurring charges on my credit card?