When can I upgrade to a traditional credit card from a U.S. Bank Secured Credit Card?

We’ll actively monitor your account and regularly report card status to the three major credit bureaus. With responsible use, such as spending within your limit and making on-time payments, you may in time be eligible for an automatic upgrade to a traditional credit card.

If your account is in good standing while meeting certain eligibility and credit criteria, you do not have any recent bankruptcies, and you have a Social Security number connected to your account, we will proactively review it after 12 months of account history to determine if you are eligible to graduate to a traditional card.

If you qualify to graduate during the month of your review, we may automatically upgrade your account and return your security deposit within one to two billing cycles. To determine upgrade eligibility, we will consider your secured card use and payments and your credit history on loans and lines of credit you have with us or somewhere else.