What are the benefits of an ExtendPay Plan, and how do I set one up?

What is U.S. Bank ExtendPay™?
U.S. Bank ExtendPay Plans provide a new payment option that allows you to divide eligible credit card purchases into affordable monthly payments with no interest – just a fixed monthly fee. 

Does an ExtendPay Plan give me more buying power?
No. An ExtendPay Plan doesn't increase your card's available credit. It gives you a payment option to help make budgeting easier. 

Am I eligible for an ExtendPay Plan?
If your credit card account is eligible for an ExtendPay Plan, you'll receive a notification via email, or you'll see ExtendPay Plan options when viewing your card account details or eligible transactions online. The only purchases eligible for an ExtendPay Plan are those that were made within 60 days prior to signing up for ExtendPay, are over $100, and are less than your purchase balance when you sign up for ExtendPay.

ExtendPay Plan eligibility may change based on your credit card account activity.

Can business cardmembers use ExtendPay? 
If your business card account is eligible for an ExtendPay Plan, you'll receive an email notification, or you'll see ExtendPay Plan options in your account online. Only your company's Authorized Officers (AO) can enroll in an ExtendPay Plan. If your company's card program is set up with central billing, transactions eligible for ExtendPay can be selected by the AO when viewing the central billing account (which includes transactions made on employee cards). For companies with individual billing, the AO can only select transactions they made on their own card account. 

How do I enroll in an ExtendPay Plan?
Eligible cardmembers can start their ExtendPay Plan enrollment in a few different ways:

  • Using the link in their ExtendPay Plan invitation email 
  • By going to their card account details online 
  • Within the transaction details of their eligible purchases 

From here, you'll choose which purchases to bundle and the length of your ExtendPay Plan. Confirm your details, agree to the terms and you're set! We'll reach out via email once your enrollment's been confirmed. 

Additional information about ExtendPay Plans, including your eligible purchases and maximum plan amount, will be provided at the time of enrollment. 

How many ExtendPay Plans can I have?
You can have as many ExtendPay Plans open as you want ¬– up to 50% of your credit line – as long as your account meets the necessary requirements. 

What is the ExtendPay Fee?
ExtendPay Fees are fixed fees you will pay each month when you have an outstanding balance in an ExtendPay Plan. ExtendPay Fees are calculated based upon the plan's original principal amount, your credit card's Purchase APR and other factors. They're calculated and shown to you at the time of enrollment. 

What ExtendPay Plan durations are available?
You can choose from a range of repayment options depending on the total amount of your ExtendPay Plan: 

  • 3-month option for ExtendPay Plan from $100 to $1,999.99
  • 6-month option for ExtendPay Plan from $100 to $4,999.99
  • 12-month option for ExtendPay Plan from $100 up to 50% of credit line
  • 18-month option for ExtendPay Plan from $2,000 up to 50% of credit line
  • 24-month option for ExtendPay Plan from $5,000 up to 50% of credit line

Need more help?
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