How do I make my monthly ExtendPay Loan or Plan payment?

Make your monthly payment as you normally would. ExtendPay payments are all included in your credit card’s minimum monthly payment; they’re not paid separately.

To pay the monthly purchase balance in full, and still make payments towards your ExtendPay balance, pay the “Plan Adjusted Balance”.

  • This is the amount that needs to be paid each month to avoid interest charges on new purchases during that statement period.
  • It includes your monthly ExtendPay payment due, plus the non-ExtendPay portion of the remaining statement balance.
  • The “Plan Adjusted Balance” can be found on your monthly statement, after the “Fixed Payment Programs Summary” section.

Note: ExtendPay Plans set up before April 1, 2022, are a separate account from your credit card. It will appear under “Loans, lines and leases” on your digital banking dashboard.