Are both joint owners needed to close an account?

Only one owner is needed to close a joint account.

If you are considering closing your account, we thank you for your business and hope to serve you again in the future. Please be aware, we are unable to close your account during overnight processing (generally between 10:30 p.m. to 5 a.m. CT). 

When an account is closed, all pending charges post to the account as normal. If you're closing a checking account with a negative balance, it will stay in a "pending to close" status. It will only completely close once the balance is brought to zero or a positive balance. If closing a credit card, you will still be responsible to pay any remaining balance. 

Note that closed accounts aren't accessible using online or mobile banking.* This includes accessing statements, viewing the history, and other digital services.

* Exception: You can access newly closed mortgage accounts through online banking for approximately one week. After that, they will be visible but cannot be accessed until fully closed and removed. This could take up to one year.