How do I add a joint owner to my personal credit card?

Adding a joint owner to your account is an important decision. There're a few things you'll want to know first. 

  • You and the potential joint owner may have an inquiry on both of your consumer credit bureau reports.
  • If that person is approved to become the joint owner, they can't be removed from the credit card account.
  • The owner and joint owner are individually liable for the account balance.

If you'd like to move forward, call us at the number on the back of your credit card or at our general number, 800-285-8585.

  1. Speak to a banker and tell them you'd like to add a joint owner. We'll mail you a form to be completed so we can review the request.
  2. Once you receive it, fill out your portion of the form, along with your signature.
  3. Then, have the potential joint owner complete their part and sign it.
    Optional: While it's not required, consider making a copy of the completed document for your records.
  4. Send the completed form to us and we'll review the request. 

Cardmember Service
PO Box 6352
Fargo, ND 58125-6352
Fax 866-568-7729

If approved, we'll send a card in the joint-owner's name, along with a copy of the Cardmember Agreement. If declined, we'll send a letter explaining why.