How do I lock or unlock a fixed rate option from my home equity line of credit?

Your home equity line of credit needs to be within the draw period* to lock or unlock a fixed rate option. Up to three of these balances are allowed at the same time.

To manage your fixed rate options using digital banking 

  1. Select your home equity line of credit.
  2. Online banking: To the lower right, under Shortcuts, choose Lock or unlock a fixed rate.
    U.S. Bank Mobile App: Select Manage at the top of the screen, then choose Lock or unlock a fixed rate (found within the Account options section).
  3. Select Manage rates.
    • To unlock a fixed rate balance, choose the one you want returned to the variable rate.
    • To lock in a fixed rate option:
      1. Choose to lock in a new withdrawal, or lock in all or part of your existing variable rate balance.
      2. Select the rate and term you want.
  4. Select Calculate payment to preview the new payment amount, then choose Continue.
  5. If the payment details are correct and you accept the terms, select Confirm. If you don't accept, select Cancel.

More information

If there is a pending payment on the home equity line of credit, you won't be able to manage your fixed rate options. Once the payment has posted, you can try again.

*Draw period: This is the amount of time you have available to take money from the home equity line of credit. Once the repayment period starts, funds can't be withdrawn any longer.

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