How do I schedule an external account transfer on a future date?

When using external transfers, please keep in mind you will need to be a signer on both accounts.   

To make a future dated External transfers using mobile and online banking

  1. Online banking: Select Transfer & pay at the top of the page, choose External transfers & wires and select Transfer money.
    Mobile banking: Select Pay bills & transfer at the bottom of the dashboard. Choose External transfers, wires & ACH and select Transfer money.
  2. Choose the U.S. Bank account you'd like the funds taken from, select the external account you'd like the money transferred to, and select Continue.
    Note: Select Link a new bank account if the external account you want isn't listed. 
  3. Complete the form.
    1. Enter the amount to transfer.
    2. Choose the delivery speed.
    3. Select the "send on" date and use the calendar to change when the transfer is sent.
    4. Choose Review.
  4. Confirm the information is correct, then select Transfer money

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