What can I use my line of credit for?

You have lots of choices when it comes to using a line of credit. Here's just a few examples.

Home improvement projects:
A line of credit can be a great option to use if you want to remodel your house or fix issues around the home.

Minor or major purchases:
When you need funds, a line of credit is convenient resource to have. Use it for minor purchases like household goods or a college course, and major purchases like a car or new appliance. 

Debt consolidation:
If you find the need to consolidate your debt, consider using a line of credit. You can use those funds to pay off a variety of bills and it could offer a more manageable payment at a competitive rate. 

Emergency funds:
Things unexpectedly arise and can be challenging to financially overcome. Your line of credit can be the "rainy day" funds you need to make your financial life a little easier to manage.