What if my check amount is higher than my mobile deposit limit?

If the deposit is higher than your mobile check deposit limit, you have a few options.

  • Request to raise your mobile check deposit limit Call 800-USBANKS (872-2657) to speak with a banker and they’ll submit your request for review. We accept relay calls.
  • Branch or ATM deposit
    • Make an appointment or visit any U.S. Bank branch whenever it’s convenient for you.
    • ATM deposit works similarly to mobile check deposit. The difference is, if you change your mind before completing the process, you can select Exit and return items to get the check back and cancel the transaction.   
    • Third-party checks are accepted within certain conditions.
  • Bank by Mail Send it to the following address:
    • U.S. Bank/Bank by Mail
      PO Box 1950
      St. Paul, MN 55101-0950
    • Please include a completed deposit slip with the check; or write “deposit to”, followed by your account number directly on the check.
    • The option to mail your check for deposit is only available for personal accounts. This service is not available for business accounts.

Additional information

Third-party checks:

  • Are accepted at U.S. Bank branches if the last endorser holds a deposit account with U.S Bank.
    • If the third-party check is accepted, both parties must endorse it.
    • If the third-party check isn’t honored, funds are collected by charging the amount back to the account of the last endorser.
    • Third-party check deposits may be subject to an extended hold.
  • Are not accept via mobile check deposit or Bank by Mail.
  • Foreign third-party checks or drafts are not accepted.