How do I request a credit limit increase?

Credit limit increase requests can be submitted using digital banking. If your account has a joint owner, we’ll need their details as well. Before doing so, you’ll need to have the following information available:

  • Annual income of owner(s).
  • Monetary assess of owner(s).
  • Combined monthly housing payment*.
  • Portion of the housing payment the owner(s) are responsible for**.

To request a credit limit increase on your credit card using digital banking

  1. Choose the credit card you’d like to request an increase on.
  2. Online banking: Select Account services, then choose Request Credit Limit Increase. 
    U.S. Bank Mobile App: Select Manage, then choose Request Credit Limit Increase.
  3. Provide your income and asset information, then select Continue to housing.
  4. Answer the questions, then select Review my request.
    • Check the box at the top if your account has multiple owners and everyone shares the same address.
    • If the box is checked, we won't ask for the other owner's housing information.
  5. Verify the details are correct, then select Submit my request.

*The combined housing payment includes the full amount paid each month.

**The portion of the housing payment we’re looking for is the specific dollar amount each individual owner is responsible for.
Example 1: If you’re making the housing payments in full:

  • And there is no joint owner, enter the full payment amount.
  • And there is a joint owner, but is NOT responsible for the housing payment, enter $0 for them.

Example 2: If the full housing payment is split in half each month:

  • And there is no joint owner, enter your half the housing payment amount. Do not include the other person’s portion.
  • And there is a joint owner who’s responsible for half the housing payment, enter what portion they pay.

More information

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