Is there a guarantee my online bill payment will be received on time?

Yes. Payments are guaranteed to be accurate and delivered by the payment date you select as long as your accounts are sufficiently funded, all payment information is entered correctly and the payment is scheduled to arrive by its due date.

Should I allow lead time when setting up payments to ensure they’re delivered by the selected delivery date?

For Standard Delivery payments, we recommend that you log in at least 5 business days before your bill is due to schedule your payment. Here’s why:

  • For billers that require payment by paper check, the bank needs up to 5 business days advance notice to cut and mail the check.
    • Some merchants process paper checks as soon as they receive it, which results in an earlier bill payment than requested by you. If you incur any fees due to a bill payment that is processed earlier than requested, please contact us at 800-987-7237.
  • By scheduling your payment in advance, you can be sure the due date will be available (any later and it may not be an option).
  • This does not mean you need to pay your bill ahead of its due date, only that you schedule the payment in enough time to arrive by the due date

If you need a payment to arrive faster, there are same-day or overnight payment options available called Express Delivery for most billers. 

Note: Not all billers can receive express payments. If express payments are available, it will appear when choosing a payment date within the Bill Pay calendar. 

Additional Information

Safe Debit Accounts can only be used to pay billers listed in our system that accept electronic payments and will default to the standard delivery payment date. Express, future-dated and recurring payment options are not available for Safe Debit Accounts.