When does the money come out of my account when I use bill pay?

It depends if the payment was sent electronically or via paper check. 

  • Electronic Payments: When a payment is sent electronically, funds are withdrawn from your account on the payment date selected. Safe Debit Accounts can only be used to pay billers listed in our system that accept electronic payments.
  • Paper Check Payments: When a payment is sent via check, the money is usually withdrawn when the company or person cashes the check. Paper checks are placed in the mail up to five business days prior to the payment date to ensure its delivered and processed on time. 
Note: Some merchants process the check as soon as they receive it which may result in an earlier payment. If you incur any fees resulting in a payment that clears earlier than you scheduled, please contact us at 800-USBANKS (872-2657). We accept relay calls.