Which letters and notices are available electronically?

The following letters and notices are available online after going paperless. 

Savings accounts

  • Withdrawal limit reached notice
  • Withdrawal warning notice
  • Conversion letter

Reserve lines of credit

  • Credit limit increased letter
  • Credit limit decreased letter
  • Reserve line closed letter

Overdraft notice - Insufficient funds

  • Action required, account overdrawn notices
  • Five-day letter: Checking account overdrawn for five days
  • 20-day letter: Final notice for an overdrawn checking account
  • Repayment option notice

Misc notices

  • Package stand-alone money market letter: Action required on your U.S. Bank package
  • Important information regarding your repurchase agreement
  • Stop payment confirmation letter
  • Address change letter: Request completed
  • Reactivation letter: Sent if a transaction is made on a dormant account
  • Child support levy notice
  • Tax levy notice
  • Missing tax identification number (TIN) notices
  • ATM and Debit Card Overdraft Coverage Confirmation