Why did I get a supplemental tax bill for my mortgage and how do I send a copy of it?

In addition to the regular tax bills, some states will issue a tax bill out of the normal cycle. This may be referred to as a supplemental, interim, or added assessment tax bill. Some taxing authorities send these bills because an additional amount is due which wasn't assessed at the beginning of the current tax cycle. These types of billings are mailed to the homeowner only; the mortgage company does not receive this type of billing.

Other added tax bills include (but aren’t limited to) ground rent, occupancy, or mobile home taxes.

If you can’t pay the bill and want to pay it from your escrow account, send us a written request. We'll need a copy of the bill, the mortgage loan number, and a signed note asking that it be paid from the escrow account. Please be aware, since we weren't anticipating paying the added bill, an escrow shortage may occur.

Mail: U.S. Bank
Attn: Tax department
PO Box 21948
Eagan, MN 55121

Fax: 877-903-6972

More information

You may experience a change in your tax amount for multiple reasons.

  • Assessment changes, lost exemptions, or property exemption changes
  • Changes in value (new construction or property improvements)
  • Neighborhood improvements (streetlights, sidewalk repairs, sewer lines)
  • Amendments made due to inaccurate tax credits, incorrect tax rates, or code enforcement changes

If you have questions concerning your tax bill or why it changed, contact your local taxing authority.