How do I request my cardmember agreement for my credit card account?

A cardmember agreement (CMA) is an arrangement between the card issuer/bank and the cardmember that contains the terms and conditions governing the account. It includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • The annual percentage rate.
  • Monthly minimum payment formula.
  • Details on the various fees that may apply.
  • Dispute resolution processes.

To order a copy of your cardmember agreement using online banking

  1. Select your credit card from the dashboard.
  2. Choose Account Services then select Cardmember agreement within the “Statements & documents” section.
  3. Choose Request a Cardmember Agreement.
  4. Complete the form, then select Next.
    1. Enter your contact information.
    2. Provide the last four digits of your SSN and the 16-digit credit card number.
    3. Choose one of the verification options and provide the answer.
  5. Review your information. If correct, select Submit.

The option to request your cardmember agreement is only available on the full website. This option is not available on mobile banking.

More information

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  • Business credit cards: 866-485-4545

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