What types of account alerts are available for line of credit accounts?

When you sign up for alerts, we'll send you an email or text message letting you know what triggered it. After you get the alert, you'll need to log into digital banking for more details. Here's a list of alerts available; there's no limit to how many you can have. 

Alerts for Zelle set-up, preferences, and recipients

  • New enrollment to U.S. Bank Send money
  • Send money preferences added or changed
  • Send money email address confirmation
  • Recipient has been added, modified, or deleted
  • Recipient's contact information is invalid and has been removed

Send money alerts 

  • Payment has been scheduled and sent
  • Payment is complete or declined
  • Recurring payment will be sent soon
  • Scheduled payment will be sent soon
  • Final recurring payment will be sent
  • Send money is deposited into the recipient's account
  • Funds are waiting to be claimed by the recipient
  • Transaction has expired
  • Transaction is canceled or can't be completed
  • Refund to the sender has posted

Receive money alerts

  • Someone sent you money
  • Payment will expire soon or has expired
  • Payment to you is cancelled

Request money alerts

  • Money received
  • Funds sent
  • Transaction cancelled or expired

Other Personal line of credit alerts

  • Balance exceeds defined amount
  • Branch electronic receipt
  • Credit posted
  • Debit posted
  • Online statement available
  • Payment due
  • Payment overdue
  • Payment posted
  • Transaction scheduled

Other Home equity line of credit alerts

  • Branch electronic receipt
  • Online statement available
  • Transaction scheduled