How do I access escrow information on my mortgage?

Your escrow account balance and payout information are available anytime using digital banking. Find details about upcoming and year-to-date payouts, even the previous year’s payouts.

To access your escrow information using digital banking

  1. Select your mortgage account from the dashboard.
    • If you have multiple U.S. Bank accounts, choose View and manage.
    • If you only have a mortgage, choose View, pay & manage.
  2. Online banking: Choose My Loan at the top of the page.
    U.S. Bank Mobile App: Open the main menu (three vertical dots), then choose My loan.
  3. Locate the "Taxes and Insurance" section on the right.
    • Your escrow account balance will be at the top of the section.
    • Select Show all or choose the respective tab for the information you'd like to view.

Check out our video What is an escrow account? to learn more.

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