When should I schedule a payment to be sure it arrives by the due date?

When you schedule a payment, the Delivery Date you choose will populate a Send On date. Depending on the payment delivery method, you may need additional time for processing. This does not mean you need to pay your bill ahead of its due date, only that you schedule the payment in enough time to arrive by the due date.

Payments by paper check: We recommend you log in at least five business days prior to the bill due date to schedule your payment. The bank needs up to five business days advance notice to cut and mail the check. 

  • By scheduling your payment in advance, you can be sure the due date will be available (any later date may not be an option). 
  • Some merchants process paper checks as soon as they receive it, which results in an earlier bill payment than requested by you. If you incur any fees as a result of a bill payment that is processed earlier than you requested, please contact us at 800-987-7237. We accept relay calls. 

Payments by electronic check: We recommend you log in at least one business day prior to the bill due date to schedule your payment. The bank needs one business day to process an ACH payment. 

  • Safe Debit accounts automatically default to the Standard Delivery payment date, which is the earliest date the electronic payment can be made.