What functions and fees are associated with a U.S. Bank Visa Gift Card?


  • U.S. Bank branch bankers issue the Visa Gift Card. The minimum value of a U.S. Bank Visa Gift Card is $25 and the maximum value is $500.
  • Gift cards can only be used in the United States.
  • No cash access.
  • If you believe your card has been lost or stolen, or subject to unauthorized use, call us immediately toll free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 877-693-2899. We accept relay calls. You will be required to provide your name, the card number, original value, and transaction history. Your card can easily be replaced and the money on your card will be transferred to your new card, less a $15.00 replacement card fee that will be deducted from the card’s available balance.
  • The card is valid through the expiration date shown on the front of the card or until the value on the card reaches zero, except where prohibited or restricted by applicable law.
  • The card cannot be reloaded.
  • If your purchase is declined, the card’s available balance is probably less than the purchase amount. You may inform the merchant of the remaining balance on the card and use another form of payment to pay the difference, subject to the policy of the merchant. Also, please be aware that use of the U.S. Bank Visa Gift Card at some merchants – for example, restaurants, mail-order companies, and cruise lines – requires the card have an available balance greater than the purchase amount to ensure sufficient funds for tips or incidental expenses. Use of the card at automated fuel dispensers requires a minimum balance of $75. However, only the actual amount spent will be deducted from the card.


  • There is a $3.95 purchase fee at U.S. Bank branches. Cards can only be sold to U.S. Bank customers.
  • Inactivity fee for cards purchased before 5/1/2018: After twelve consecutive months of inactivity, a $2.50 fee will be charged to your card each month until the card expires. This fee will not be charged if you use your card to make a purchase or if the balance on the card reaches $0.00. A purchase transaction on the card will stop the inactivity fee charge from reoccurring for an additional 12 months.
  • There is no inactivity fee for cards purchased on or after 5/1/2018.
  • Lost or stolen card: We will charge a $15.00 fee to replace a lost or stolen card, which will be deducted from the balance of your card. A reissued card may take up to 30 days to process.