How do I set up bill pay alerts?

We know life gets busy and reminders can be helpful. Here's how to set up bill pay reminders in your mobile banking:

  1. From the main menu (located in the upper left) select Notifications.
  2. From the Notifications list choose Bill pay.
  3. Select the email address for delivery of the alert from the Send alerts to list, or you can add a new email address in the Add new email destination box.
  4. Select the biller you wish to set the alert up for, then choose Add alerts.
  5. Complete the desired alert settings fields. Fields include:
    • Typical Due Date.
    • Bill Frequency.
    • Typical Amount Due.
    • Remind me (select from the options listed)
    • Email me when (select from the options listed)
  6. Once your options have been selected, select Save at the bottom of the screen. 

The ability to set up and maintenance your bill pay alert in online banking will be added at a later date.