How much does a wire transfer cost?

Consumer/Personal Accounts

  • Incoming (Domestic) $20.00
  • Outgoing (Domestic) $30.00
  • Incoming (International) $25.00
  • Outgoing (International) $50.00

Business Accounts

  • Incoming (Domestic) $14.00
  • Outgoing (Domestic) $40.00
  • Voice Wire - Outgoing (Domestic) $35.00
  • Incoming (International) $16.00
  • Outgoing (International) $75.00

Additional fees may be deducted from the transfer amount by other financial institutions involved in the payment process. Deposits received in a foreign currency, whether by check, wire-transfer, or otherwise, must be converted to U.S. dollars prior to being credited to your account. U.S. Bank will convert your funds at a retail exchange established by U.S. Bank on the business day when such exchange is processed based on factors such as market conditions and risk, economic and business factors. The exchange rate will include our profit, fees, costs and changes. See the Foreign Currency section of Your Deposit Account Agreement for more information.

Additional Information

Voice Wires are wire transfers initiated by a business customer who elected to have a Wire PIN set up, so they can call the wire transfer department to process their request. Calling a branch over the phone is not considered a Voice Wire.

Please be aware the amount the recipient receives may differ from the amount debited from your account.  The recipient may receive less due to the fees charged by the intermediary bank and recipient's bank.